Passive investment does not need to be hard, complex or time consuming.

I share here what I’ve learned with the goal of helping you become a better passive investor. I write about investing in index funds/ETFs for the long term with a focus on issues relevant to the European investor.

What people are saying?

“I have read some materials in the past regarding investing in ETFs but usually all was ending in confusion. After reading your blog I actually started investing.” – Martin D. (Bulgaria)

The course taught me a lot and gave me the confidence to actually start investing. The recommendations for specific ETFs and reasoning why were the most helpful things for me. It was just enough for me to make an informed decision I could act on immediately” – Jiri K. (Czechia)

“You always break everything down with many examples and in plain language. I really like your tone and the way you explain things. Also, the fact that your guides are European-centered makes it very relevant for people like me to read what you have to say and act on it.” – Pasi M. (Finland)

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You just landed on this website and are wondering where to start? Below you will find a selection of some of my favorite posts on different topics related to investing in index funds and ETFs for European investors.

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