Investing for European residents explained in plain language

Passive investment does not need to be hard, complex or time consuming.

I explain in plain language the theory and practice of investing in index funds and ETFs for those living in Europe. My goal is to help you become confident in managing your investments.

My 5-star rated book How to Invest in Index Funds” covers what you need to know and do so you can start investing. It covers both the theory and practice of investing in index funds for residents in Europe.

What people are saying?

“I have read some materials in the past regarding investing in ETFs but usually all was ending in confusion. After reading your blog I actually started investing.” – Martin D. (Bulgaria)

The course taught me a lot and gave me the confidence to actually start investing. The recommendations for specific ETFs and reasoning why were the most helpful things for me. It was just enough for me to make an informed decision I could act on immediately” – Jiri K. (Czechia)

“You always break everything down with many examples and in plain language. I really like your tone and the way you explain things. Also, the fact that your guides are European-centered makes it very relevant for people like me to read what you have to say and act on it.” – Pasi M. (Finland)

“Throughout your blog I have learnt much more about passive investment than patreon subscriptions, books and other sources in the vast “ocean” of the net. Therefore, a big thank you for that. Please, continue what you are doing. The blog content is extremely valuable.” – Laurynas N. (Lithuania)

“I strongly believe that investing requires a good foundation of knowledge. One needs to understand the basics to be able to make educated decisions. Mário helps you to bridge the gap between the abstract concept of investing with the practical need of implementing your plans. You get introduced to real-life tools and financial instruments. The blog lowers the barrier of entry and I highly recommend it to any aspiring investor.“ – Maciej G. (Germany)

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“I want to invest my savings, but I don’t know where to start.”

My quick guide for beginners gives an overview of investing in under 10 minutes.

My free course introduces passive investing in short and easy to digest daily emails. It covers the fundamentals and the practical aspects of investing. This email course is a summary of a few parts of my book.

My book explains the essential concepts and steps for starting with passive investing while living in Europe. It is around 192 pages long.

“I know about investing, but I don’t know which index funds are suitable for investors in Europe.”

“I don’t know which is the best broker for me.”

“What should I consider given where I live”

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