An overview of Interactive Brokers for European index fund investors

Interactive Brokers (a.k.a IB) is one of the most popular brokers which are available to investors in multiple European countries. People like Interactive Brokers’ because: The shortcomings of Interactive Brokers, are that beginners often struggle with its complex user interface and pricing. I often see the following questions about any broker: The answer unfortunately is: […]

How to record your ETF transactions

I find it useful to keep a ledger of all my ETF transactions. This has been immensely valuable for me for the following reasons: I record every single ETF transaction that affects my portfolio – dividend, buy, sell, fee, deposit, withdrawal. I record the following aspects of each transaction: You may use a spreadsheet to […]

An introduction to index fund domiciles

A fund domicile is the country where the fund is incorporated. You can know a fund’s domicile by looking at its ISIN. The first two characters are dedicated to the country’s code. The fund with ISIN IE00B4L5Y983 is domiciled in Ireland – IE country code. The domicile is important because it affects the taxes paid […]

What are the EU domiciled alternatives to popular US domiciled index funds (SPY, VOO, VTI/VTSAX, VXUS/VTIAX, BND)?

Most of the personal finance literature is written from a US perspective and as a result suggests holding US domiciled funds like the SPY, VOO, VTI/VTSAX, VXUS/VTIAX and BND among many others. Due to PRIIPs many European investors can’t access US domiciled funds. Moreover, there are a few US tax traps which make investing in […]