Is this a good time to invest?

You want to start investing. You hear index funds/ETFs are the proper way to do it. Yet after reading the news you learn that stock valuations are high, the bubble will burst, the economy is decelerating and a recession is coming. You feel like you don’t want to invest at a peak and then immediately […]

An introduction to index fund domiciles

A fund domicile is the country where the fund is incorporated. You can know a fund’s domicile by looking at its ISIN. The first two characters are dedicated to the country’s code. The fund with ISIN IE00B4L5Y983 is domiciled in Ireland – IE country code. The domicile is important because it affects the taxes paid […]

What is an index fund?

An investment fund is a legal entity that collects money from multiple investors and uses it to follow an investment strategy. There are countless investment strategies that can be used by a fund – from investing in specific asset classes (e.g. bonds, gold, companies) to investing in specific geographies (e.g. China, Europe). An investment fund […]

Choosing your equities/fixed income split

Equities provide high returns but are very volatile – their value fluctuates significantly and it can take years to recover after serious declines. To mitigate this risk, investor often combine equities with fixed income – assets that have low volatility but have low returns. When your portfolio has a portion of fixed income, a serious […]