An overview of Trading 212

Trading 212 is a popular “zero-fee” broker available to investors across Europe. This is an overview of what you should consider if you plan using it. I often see the following questions about any broker: “Is this broker good for long-term investing?” “Is this broker good for me?” “Can I trust this broker?” The answer […]

What happens if my broker goes bust?

You are ready to start investing your savings and you start wondering: what if the broker goes bust? How safe is the money I worked so hard to earn? Do the broker’s investor protection mechanisms also apply to me given I don’t live in the broker’s country? Can I trust a broker for 30 years? […]

Which exchange should I use to buy ETFs?

The iShares Core MSCI World ETF has 10 different listings. Which listing should you choose whenever you have access to multiple through your broker? An ETF has multiple listings across currencies, stock exchanges and countries in order to reach more investors. A listing is an entry for a security on the stock exchange. A listing […]

An overview of DEGIRO

My goal with this article is to use the framework I shared earlier on “How to choose a stock broker” to understand a broker, DEGIRO. This isn’t a review of DEGIRO but an overview of the things you should consider if you plan to use it. Note that the information in this article may only […]

How to choose a stock broker for ETF investing?

There are so many brokers out there. Different levels of service, different pricing schemes, different domiciles. How do you decide if a broker is “bad” or “good”? How do you go about choosing one suitable for long term, passive investing through buying ETFs? Different people may choose different brokers due to different preferences. This post […]