Tax advantages of accumulating and distributing funds across Europe

Choosing between accumulating or distributing funds is among the first choices investors in Europe make. The appropriate option may reduce your (tax) costs and increase your returns. This post explains how to understand which dividend distribution policy leads to lower taxes using examples of specific countries. My previous post on the topic explains that the choice boils […]

Como investir poupanças em fundos de índice (ETFs) para residentes em Portugal?

Note: If you don’t understand Portuguese, I have written a version of this article in English. Os fundos de índice cotados na bolsa (ETFs – exchange traded funds) são um excelente veículo para crescer poupanças. Têm resultados financeiros superiores a muitos fundos de investimento tradicionais (i.e. fundos activamente geridos). Têm comissões de gestão inferiores a […]