Como investir poupanças em fundos de índice (ETFs) para residentes em Portugal?

Note: If you don’t understand Portuguese, I have written a version of this article in English. Os fundos de índice cotados na bolsa (ETFs – exchange traded funds) são um excelente veículo para crescer poupanças. Têm resultados financeiros superiores a muitos fundos de investimento tradicionais (i.e. fundos activamente geridos). Têm comissões de gestão inferiores a […]

Is this a good time to invest?

You want to start investing. You hear index funds/ETFs are the proper way to do it. Yet after reading the news you learn that stock valuations are high, the bubble will burst, the economy is decelerating and a recession is coming. You feel like you don’t want to invest at a peak and then immediately […]

Simple Portfolio for European Investors

Choosing an investment portfolio is overwhelming. There are so many “lazy” options out there: Three-fund Portfolio, Core-4 Portfolio, Coffeehouse Portfolio, Permanent Portfolio, Yale Endowment Portfolio, etc. Some of these options are more complex than their “lazy” name seems to suggest. Moreover, many of these “lazy” portfolios feature US domiciled funds which are not available for […]