What happens if my broker goes bust?

You are ready to start investing your savings and you start wondering: what if the broker goes bust? How safe is the money I worked so hard to earn? Do the broker’s investor protection mechanisms also apply to me given I don’t live in the broker’s country? Can I trust a broker for 30 years? […]

Simple Portfolio for European Investors

Choosing an investment portfolio is overwhelming. There are so many “lazy” options out there: Three-fund Portfolio, Core-4 Portfolio, Coffeehouse Portfolio, Permanent Portfolio, Yale Endowment Portfolio, etc. Some of these options are more complex than their “lazy” name seems to suggest. Moreover, many of these “lazy” portfolios feature US domiciled funds which are not available for […]

How to record your ETF transactions

I find it useful to keep a ledger of all my ETF transactions. This has been immensely valuable for me for the following reasons: I record every single ETF transaction that affects my portfolio – dividend, buy, sell, fee, deposit, withdrawal. I record the following aspects of each transaction: You may use a spreadsheet to […]