What are the differences between the iShares Core Emerging Markets IMI and iShares Emerging Markets ETFs?

Editor’s Note: This article was written when the iShares Emerging Markets ETFs (ISIN IE00B4l5YC18/IE00B0M63177) had a TER of 0.68%/0.75%. That TER has now changed to 0.18%. This means that I now consider this to be a reasonable choice for an emerging markets ETF. —- If you are looking to invest in Emerging Markets equities through […]

An introduction to index fund domiciles

A fund domicile is the country where the fund is incorporated. You can know a fund’s domicile by looking at its ISIN. The first two characters are dedicated to the country’s code. The fund with ISIN IE00B4L5Y983 is domiciled in Ireland – IE country code. The domicile is important because it affects the taxes paid […]