The “Introduction to Investing” Book launches in 7 days

I am happy to share that my book launches in 7 days! At the end of this post, you can download the sample chapter of my book.

There are fantastic investment materials out there. But the majority leans towards an audience that lives in the US. The start of our investment journey is more confusing because we have to figure out what applies to us and what doesn’t.

This book fills that gap. It is a complete introduction to investing for investors in Europe. There is no point in knowing which funds to invest in without knowing why or the principles of index investing. The book covers both theory and practice. It gives you the tools to start investing.

This book will save you time. It compiles into less than 100 pages what took me years to learn. It condenses the knowledge I got after reading countless books, papers, and online forums.

I will release the book seven days from now, on April 23rd 2020. To celebrate the launch, I will run a temporary discount of the book so, stay tuned for updates.

You can download the sample chapter of the “Introduction to investing in index funds and ETFs” from the form below.

I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the book.