Learn investing in 10 minutes a day

It is awful to see your hard earned savings erode due to low – actually, almost non-existing – interest rates.

You hear you can grow your savings if you invest them. But you don’t know how to do it in a prudent way.

You didn’t study Finance in School. So the idea of investing your savings sounds difficult, complicated and time consuming. You have read a few things about investing but you get confused with all the acronyms and terms. Additionally, it is unclear how those things actually apply to your own country since everybody writing about this seems to live in the United States.

What if you knew how to invest your savings the right way?

The Internet has a ton of suspicious “get rich quick investing” schemes, and you don’t want to get involved with them. However, there is a time-tested simple investment strategy – index/passive investing – which has been shown to produce great returns for investors like you and me.

With passive investing, investing can be as effortless and reliable as saving.

I’ve created a free email course to introduce you to the concepts of passive investing. With it, you can quickly learn how to invest your savings without having to take a PhD on Economics. Besides covering the theory, the e-mail course goes over the practical steps you need to take to start investing. This course focuses on the aspects of passive investing which are relevant for investors based in Europe.

The e-mail course consists of 7 lessons. You will receive one lesson via email per day. The course covers the following:

  • Why you need to invest in order to grow your savings?
  • Why investing in index funds is a great strategy for investors like you and me?
  • What is an index fund/ETF?
  • What are the important characteristics of an index fund/ETF you need to be aware of?
  • How to choose an ETF for your portfolio
  • Some examples of simple portfolios and recommended ETFs
  • How to analyze your own portfolio
  • Next steps for your investing journey

What people are saying?

The course taught me a lot and gave me the confidence to actually start investing. The recommendations for specific ETFs and reasoning why were the most helpful things for me. It was just enough for me to make an informed decision I could act on immediately” – Jiri K. (Czechia)

“As someone with very limited knowledge about index funds investing (or even investing in general), this was exactly what I was looking for to get started. I specially liked the fact that all the concepts were explained in a simple and clear manner. I really feel like now I have the needed basic tools to start exploring the ETF investing world.” – Diogo M. (Portugal)

“What I like about the course is that is short and easy to digest on a daily basis.” – Mark P. (Netherlands)

“I really enjoyed the course and advice. Presented in very simple easy to understand terms for the novice like myself.
Relevant to Europe is great. So much information is USA related.
I liked the fact that you did not speak in vague terms. But you gave practical examples of what you considered to be good ETFs and the reasons why.
I had been considering ETFs for years!!! But after reading your article I felt confident enough to make a start. And I have. So thank you.” – John G. (Ireland)

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