The Introduction to investing in index funds and ETFs book is live!

My book is (finally) available.

I began writing this book in late 2019. It is crazy how, in light of COVID-19, it feels like a decade has passed since then. I’m thrilled about this milestone. And I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about the book.

To celebrate the launch, I am running a temporary discount for the book. You can find more details about the discount below.

The book is an introduction to investing in index funds and ETFs for investors in Europe.

The book is best for:

  • those that want to start with investing but don’t know how to;
  • those that already invest but don’t have an understanding of the fundamentals of index investing.

Here is some of what you will learn:

  • What is investing, and why should you bother with it?
  • What is equity, and what is a bond?
  • Why is index investing the preferred way to invest?
  • What is the Simple Portfolio, and why is it structured that way?
  • Specific equity/bond ETFs that fit the criteria of the Simple Portfolio
  • How to chose your equity/fixed income split?
  • How to rebalance your portfolio?

Investing is more than the portfolio you choose. You need to work with a broker. You need to be mindful of taxes. You need to use multiple online tools. I have recorded some videos which cover these topics:

  • Guide to brokers – this video explains how to use and choose a broker. You will learn about the different order types, asset segregation, and the most common operations in a broker. 
  • Guide to taxes – this video explains the essential concepts around taxes, the different taxes that you should be aware of, and how taxes affect your portfolio. 
  • Guide to useful tools – this video explains how to use some tools that allow you to gather info about ETFs, about the market or learn more about investing. These are the tools I frequently use as an investor. I will explain how to make the most out of justETF, backtest, portfolio visualizer, among others. 
  • How to choose an ETF – the book covers in detail how to select an ETF of equities and bonds. In this video, you will see me using justETF to find ETFs for the Simple Portfolio using the same process explained in the book. 

Along with the book and videos, you will also get templates, which will help you start investing quickly.

The book will have a 20% discount until May 7th. After May 7th, you will not be able to purchase at this all-time low price again.

Check out the book details and buy it here.